Ground-breaking technology automates
the creation of NYC ACRIS E-Tax forms,
cutting processing time by 90%.
ACRISasap™, available exclusively at, is a patented, web-based tool that creates the required E-Tax forms in a fraction of the time and effort required by the City's ACRIS website.
The key benefits of ACRISasap™ as compared to the New York City Department of Finance's (DOF) "ACRIS" website are:
Data input form 1 page 14 pages
Time to complete 3 - 5 minutes* 30 - 60 minutes
or more*
Intuitive Interface
Auto-populates required fields on
E-Tax forms, eliminating need for prior
knowledge or experience
Integrates with library of legal forms
(e.g. contracts of sale, deeds, etc.)
Ability to create multiple E-Tax forms
from master template on related
transactions (e.g. sponsor sales)
Automatically creates required
recording cover pages
Email alert when E-Tax forms have
been successfully filed with DOF
* Based on a June 2010 survey of over 500 ACRISasap™ users.
** For cooperative apartment transactions.
TitleVest awarded U.S. Patented for ACRISasap
(with additional Patent Pending).
New York Real Estate
professionals are RAVING...
"In my office I'm the only one that does E-acris. It was a struggle every time. I would have to call the help line and it still took forever. Sometimes I couldnt get through and I would have to keep calling. It got so that they recognized my voice and I think they would fight over who would get stuck trying to help me. Then I discovered ACRISasap made it so simple, so quick. It's set up so that anyone can do it. All you need is a computer and a printer. Thank you TitleVest for saving me so much time."

Norma Gordon
Coyle & Associates, LLP

"I am your ACRISasap's biggest fan! Before this service, it was too time consuming and difficult to use NYC's website to prepare ACRIS forms for my closings... I had to depend on the buyer's title company to prepare and deliver the forms to the closing and hope that they were done properly. And then there would usually be an extra $250 fee to my client on the title bill for this preparation.

Now I can prepare them in only a few minutes with ACRISasap offered by TitleVest and at no cost! I can now include this service as a courtesy to my client.

The ACRISasap service is a win-win all the way around... not to mention the superior service I get from TitleVest for all my lien search orders. I don't know how you manage to do it all for such a reasonable lien search fee.

Thanks for offering this service, and I look forward to trying out your "due-diligence service" for my co-op buyers in the future!"

Jody K. Linsky, Esq.
Law Offices Jody K. Linsky

"After over 20 years working with some of the biggest real estate support companies in the industry, I just completed my first transaction with TitleVest - and I was totally knocked over by your operation. In addition to cutting-edge technology and flawless execution, TitleVest offered me ACRISasap, which totally erased the significant anxiety of dealing with the City's ACRIS system and saved me time and my client money.

ACRISasap even pulled most of the information required from the lien search itself and in less than two minutes, I was done. The process was so painless that I even phoned TitleVest to make sure that I hadn't missed something!!!

I will truly miss that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when a new matter comes in that requires an ACRIS filing. Instead, I'll just jump right onto your Website."

Adam E. Epstein, Esq.
Law Office of Adam E. Epstein, Esq.

"Before TitleVest came along with ACRISasap, preparing the ACRIS forms took me the better part of a morning. My computer skills are still rather lacking to put it mildly. But even with my limited tech ability, ACRISasap has me doing in a few minutes what used to take hours. For me, ACRIS ASAP is better than sliced bread! It's a God-send and a miracle, all thanks to the people at TitleVest!"

Alan M. Franklin, Esq.
Alan M. Franklin, P.C.

"Congratulations on this tremendous achievement. I am thrilled to hear that the incredible technology you have developed to "bridge the gap" between NYC.GOV technology and the end user has received the recognition it so truly deserves!

Before using ACRSasap, preparing ACRIS documents was a laborious chore, often resulting in fits of frustration due to the time wasted trying to deal with the "technology" we were compelled to deal with. There were many times I would spend over an hour on a single set of transfer documents, either due to delays, server overload, or just plain glitches! Unfortunately, multiple complaints to the powers that be at NYC IT hotline were typically met with responses like, "We are trying to address your concerns, but we'll need some time".

When a colleague showed me your site, I thought to myself, "Hopefully this will be a bit easier." Well, it certainly was, and it's wonderful! Thank you to you and your staff for this truly instrumental tool in my law practice!"

Jessie Burke
Mason & Mason, P.C.

"It takes me thirty minutes (30) on ACRIS to do my NYC and NYS Tax Documents and 5 Minutes on ACRISasap. It is great!"

Edward Smolka
Law Office Of Edward R. Smolka

"I found that utilizing ACRISasap dramatically decreased the time I spent preparing NYC Tax docs, I am quite pleased with ACRISasap. It has made what was an unpleasant task into a fast, efficient exercise. We all know exercise is a good thing. I recommend anyone who needs to prepare ACRIS docs use ACRISasap."

Kevin Watson, Esq.
Law Office of Kevin Watson

Panic always used to set in when I had to prepare ACRIS documents, because only about 10% of my practice is in New York City. With ACRISasap, no more anxiety. It takes less than a minute to fill in the boxes with this program, documents are ready to go right away; it's like being on auto-pilot. Thank you!!"

Karen Coape-Arnold, Esq.
Law Office of Karen Coape-Arnold

"It usually takes my office under ten (10) minutes to prepare transfer documents using your program versus at least 30 minutes using the regular ACRIS website, plus the ease of use of your program versus that of the regular ACRIS is incomparable."

Aleksandr S. Cherny, Esq.
Cherny & Podolsky, PLLC

"I recall spending upwards or 45 minutes on the NYC ACRIS system. 2 or 3 minutes on ACRISasap.

ACRISasap has saved me a significant amount of time over the years, and consequentially it has saved my clients money. Best of all, it's offered by TitleVest free of charge. The NYC Department of Finance should have just hired TitleVest's crack technology team to design their ACRIS system in the first place."

Eugene Krukas, Esq.
Krukas & Suh

"Congrats to TitleVest on the patent!

ACRIS preparation, which used to take at least 30-45 minutes, has become much easier since the advent of ACRISasap. I have found it to be extremely user friendly and a very efficient use of my legal time.

Great job to TitleVest for putting it together."

Michael Xylas, Esq.
Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP

"Ever since I first began using TitleVest's ACRISasap, I immediately stopped using the NYC site. ACRISasap is easy, intuitive and avoids duplication of entries so as to streamline the process into an almost enjoyable one. It avoids all of the duplication of entries and difficulty in page maneuvering that the NYC site presents. I am not sure of the cost savings, but it is far in excess of the nominal fee you charge."

Jerome J. Strelov, Esq.
Jerome J. Strelov, Attorney at Law

"Prior to using ACRISasap I never actually completed transfer tax forms on the NYC ACRIS website. Although I'm relatively technologically adept, the city's ACRIS website is the most unintuitive program Ive ever run across.

ACRISasap is the total opposite of the citys website. It is quick and easy to use. Its allowed me to better serve my clients and to save them money. Instead of passing along the cost of having a third party prepare ACRIS forms, I offer it as part of my legal fee. The less extras that are added on to a client's bill, the happier they are and the more apt they are to recommend me to others."

Jay Ringel, Esq.
Law Office of Jay Ringel

"When ACRIS was first unveiled, it was met by cries of dismay from real estate practitioners. ACRIS created more layers of bureaucracy, more paperwork, and a very unfriendly user interface to contend with. Soon thereafter, ACRISasap came to the rescue. ACRISasap provided the antidote to the endless frustration of having to use the ACRIS system to generate closing documents.

I cannot thank you enough for this valuable service you have provided to the real estate community. Congratulations on receiving your patent and I look forward to the next innovation from TitleVest."

David Sloan, Esq.
Law Office of David Sloan

"OMG. Two hours on the NYC website. Now less than 10 minutes using ACRISasap. Thank you, TitleVest!"

Kevin Ribakove, Esq.
Kevin D. Ribakove, Attorney at Law

"Prior to using TitleVest's ACRISasap, it was taking me as long as a half an hour to navigate NYC's complex site. I can complete the same forms by using ACRISasap in less than 7 minutes  a 23 minute difference...HUGE help!!!

ACRISasap has taken the extra time and guess-work out of preparing the RPT forms. NYC's site is very confusing to navigate. ACRISasap is simple, clear and concise which gives me a lot more time to devote to matters. I have and will continue to suggest this tool to all colleagues."

Courtney Solomine
Brill & Meisell

"I do use and evangelize ACRISasap.

Like most attorneys, I hated using the city's ACRIS system, to say it is not user friendly is an understatement and the reason why most attorneys pay their title company $100 to do their ACRIS forms.

On your system, I don't even think about it as a chore. In less than five minutes I can have my ACRIS forms printed out and ready to use. It's even faster when I create a sales contract on your system because ACRISasap will take the information that I entered into the contract form to populate, fill-in, the necessary fields on the ACRISasap form. And, of course if I do have a question, your staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

And, as a pdf document, the forms saved in my system and in my backup so I know I wouldn't have a problem come closing day.

It makes my life easier and saves my clients money.

I'd like to see you do the same thing for the HUD-1 form!"

Martin Novar, Esq.
Law Office of Martin D. Novar

"When I previously used the NYC ACRIS Website to prepare my transfer tax documents it would take me an hour to 2 hours to complete due to the constant issues with the NYC ACRIS website. However when I saw that TitleVest had a section in their website where one can prepare the ACRIS docs I was extremely excited because the process was so easy. I would spend less than 30 minutes to prepare transfer docs and had the option of either getting them printed for free or having TitleVest prepare them and pay a very small fee. I usually opt for the lather because I would be notified by TitleVest as to when the transfer documents have been recorded. TitleVest is awesome!!"

Antoinette Ortiz-Lancaster
Kane Kessler, P.C.

"It generally takes me about 5-8 minutes or so to prepare my ACRIS documents with your program.

When I prepared the documents on the NYC.GOV site, it would take me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

I love this program. Thank you so much for making it available.

You have my permission to quote me."

Jennifer Robles
Thomas S. Fleishell & Associates, P.C.

"Congratulations with the new patent.

Prior to ACRISasap it would take me about 45 minutes to get the tax forms done on the City website. Now it takes less than 5 minutes.

ACRISasap makes the entire process very easy. It saves me time and it saves the clients the additional expense of having to pay an extra fee to a title company to input the information. Preparing the transfer tax forms is just one less issue the attorney needs to worry about with ACRISasap.

Thank you for your continued support."

Adam C. Wilner, Esq.
Greenberg & Wilner, LLP

"Congratulations on the patent.

Because of time constraints, prior to ACRISasap, I would arrange for the title company to prepare ACRIS docs at a cost to my client. This would mean time spent on preparing a fax or email of the info on the transaction, transmitting it to the title company, waiting for the docs to be prepared, and subsequently, returned to me. Then, I had to proof them to make sure they were correct. If I completed the forms in ACRIS myself, it would probably take even more time. This was all at a cost to the client.

With ACRISasap, and in significantly less time, I can input the info and in less than 5 minutes, the forms are completed.

A huge time saver for me, and money saver for my clients."

Tina Palazzo Fairweather, Esq.
Law Office of Tina Palazzo Fairweather

"I never really new how long it would actually take me to create Acris E Tax forms because I could never get through the system without glitches or delays! ACRISasap is a blessing!

ACRISasap is easy to use, especially for those of us who are not particularly adept at navigating computer programs. Mistakes are easy to correct and past transactions can be easily located for later reference. More importantly, the availability of TitleVests staff to answer questions makes a world of difference."

Stacie Handwerker, Esq.
The Roth Law Firm, PLLC

"It usually take us about 20 minutes to do the ACRIS through NYC ACRIS website. After TitleVest created the ACRISasap, it only takes us less than 5 mins to do the ACRIS which was so much faster than the NYC ACRIS website, not only that the input information is very simple and it's not even as complicate as the one on ACRIS website. In addition, TitleVest does not even charge a penny for us to use the service which help us to provide more efficiency on our work. We could do 4x faster than using the NYC website. In addition, when there is problem loading, the staff in TitleVest will call us to help us in order to process the order which is even better. We believe there is no other company could do better than TitleVest."

Jenny Cheng
Leong Law Group, P.C.

"Using ACRISasap from TitleVest has saved me more than 60 minutes per transaction. Prior to TitleVest's program it could take me anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to create a set of forms, and then there was always the possibility of errors.

ACRISasap is seamless and eliminate the possibility of input errors. A form can be completed in less than 10 minutes from any location."

Robert A. Stidolph, Esq.
Law Office of Robert Stidolph

"Although I never used the NYC website to prepare ACRIS forms, my experience with the ACRISasap technology by TitleVest has been nothing but smooth and reliable. The forms are returned by E-mail with ultimate speed.

It is the best."

Gerald B. Gasman, Esq.
Gerald B. Gasman, P.C.

"When the City of New York implemented the ACRIS system it was described as a "user-friendly" data input system. For me I never found it to be "friendly". I remember the first time I tried to use the City's system I was truly excited about the new technology, over two hours later and after finally speaking to someone at the City, I realized, as an Attorney I would never get compensated by my clients for two hours additional time for something that used to take me 25 minutes to complete by hand/typewriter. The system was anything but friendly, I did not understand why it made you go through all the entry pages, even those that did not pertain to the transaction, to get to the end. Luckily, I was introduced to TitleVest ACRISasap at the very beginning. The ACRISasap system is everything ACRIS should be. TitleVest has successfully streamlined ACRIS for most transactions. I consider myself adept at learning new technologically, however, if it wasnt for ACRISasap I am pretty sure ACRIS may have forced me to other practice areas. TitleVest has been an invaluable partner which I have come to rely upon when it comes to the City of New York's Automated Registry System. Thank you Bill for having the forethought to invest in technology to help us attorneys who have much better ways to spend our time and our clients money."

Stuart Serota Esq.
Kaufman & Serota, P.C.

"The NYC site is too confusing and cumbersome. With ACRISasap, I have completed forms in an instant. I recommend TitleVest's ACRISasap to everyone as it is fast, accurate and free."

Jonathan A. Lesser, Esq.
Law Office of Jonathan A. Lesser

"It took me approximately 10 minutes to generate the ACRIS documents through ACRISasap. I love the on-line convenience. It makes my job a lot easier. Along with the other work that we do for the preparation for a closing it is comforting to know that your company looks to make my job easier and efficient."

Lloyd Thompson, Esq.
Lloyd D. Thompson, Attorney at Law

"It is always my pleasure to comment on and recommend TitleVest's excellent services. ACRISasap has become my "secret weapon" in the continual battle to provide efficient and cost effective service to clients.

Set up is simple, a quick 5 minuets, and even with additional service requested from TitleVest, the documents are e-mailed to me within the hour.

Last minute changes and revisions are a snap with the capable and courteous staff always ready to assist.

TitleVest with innovative ACRISasap puts the "service" in customer service!"

Barbara Boyer
Seyfarth Shaw LLP

"What had been taking us upwards of 30 minutes to complete on the official ACRIS website is now taking us no more than 10 minutes - and that includes the wait for processing and ultimate printing of the final documents. Changes are just as simple and efficient. The process is so simple and efficient that we no longer send ACRIS orders out, but we are able have them done in-house in almost all cases. Thanks, TitleVest."

Richard C. Hochman, Esq.
Law Office of Richard Hochman

"Thank you for your service. Prior to ACRISasap I could not complete an ACRIS filing in less than one-half hour, and depending on my connection speed, it occasionally would take longer than that. I have introduced others to your service, and they, like I, are amazed at how quickly and effortlessly your system is."

Martin L. Popovic, Esq.
Law Office of Martin L. Popvoic

"NYC ACRIS takes at least 20 minutes. ACRIS ASAP is truly a dream come true. The system not only saves time but also insures that all information is accurate since it only needs to be entered once. Thank you."

Risa Zieg
Joseph Kunstlinger Law Firm

"I have been a real estate attorney for 30 years. I think TitleVest ACRISasap is a far simpler and easier system than the NYC system. I tried a few times using NYC ACRIS, but I always had problems. I'm not a total idiot (I did get through Harvard and teach law as well), but found a number of questions andstyle of format confusing. The City system adds useless forms (water tax, etc. for a co-op). ACRIS still has many is difficult to make minor corrections without re-doing the entire forms, and the NYC clerks have problems if you try to manually change anything.

The City should make it as easy as possible for people to pay taxes on real estate transfers. Instead, it is a problematic proposition. But I think TitleVest has made it much easier to navigate and faster, too, by remembering information, like the name and address of the Grantor attorney.

Thank you, TitleVest, for providing a valuable service to the real estate community. And I like the fact all my forms are stored on the TitleVest site, easily accessible with other forms."

John Delmar, Esq.
Law Office of John Davies Delmar

"The difference in time between the NYC web site at ACRISasap? What's the difference between right on the button and too little too late? I am a solo attorney without any clerical or paralegal support whatsoever. I do everything myself. Well, mostly everything. TitleVest's ACRISasap handles much of the heavy lifting of my closings. Really, it is quicker and more reliable than, well, me. And you have to be quick and reliable when you are on your own. Well, I'm not entirely on my own.

TitleVest's ACRISasap is my support staff."

Susan Kaplan, Phd, Esq.
The Kaplan Law Office

"Every time I press "create your own forms" I know I should be sending a thank you.

It must have taken twenty minutes every time I tried to use the city tax website; TitleVest's ACRIS program takes four minutes. I know this, because I've timed it precisely, every time marveling at the facts that a) there's one part of the closing process that's a breeze and b) that you've just enabled me to save my client the $200 fee that I see charged routinely by other sellers' lawyers at closings. If there's ever a difficulty, for instance, pertaining to the way a coop is named, addressed or recorded, and I can't do it on my own, I shoot over a quick entreaty, and you guys solve it handily. I tell every muddling lawyer I know to just type in and go from there.

Finally-- I feel like I've extended 1/100th the gratitude I should have sent before!"

Helen A. Feuer, Esq.
Law Office of Helen A. Feuer

"Prior to using ACRISasap , rather than spending a ridiculous amount of time on the city site, which crashed and took forever to use, I was ordering the ACRIS from the title company and having my clients pay the extra bill.

ACRISasap takes less than 5 minutes to complete and my clients and our firm thanks you."

Ellen Marks, Esq.
Raphael & Marks

"I am an attorney and began my career working in house at a title company in 2001 and remember when ACRIS first launched. I personally found inputting the information in ACRIS cumbersome and time consuming  I think it took at least 20-30 minutes (on a good day) to input all of the information.

I really love ACRISasap. It has streamlined the process of preparing transfer documents and it makes it so simple to track and edit documents. I cannot imagine going back to inputting information the old way."

Aisha Johnson Burwell
Johnson Loatman Law Group

"I am happy to advise you that I am very pleased with the ACRIS preparation function offered by TitleVest. I would say that when I use TitleVest to create my ACRIS forms, I probably have the forms complete in less than 10 minutes, depending upon how much looking through my file I need to do to find the social security numbers, etc.

Prior to using TitleVest to create my ACRIS documents, it would take no less than 30 minutes to create my ACRIS documents on the ACRIS site. I would also often times have difficulty if I wanted to edit my documents."

Jack Slepian
Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P.

"What a time and labor saving device your ACRIS service was, as well as a cure for the frustration in having to read, understand and comply with the City's instructions. It took two to three hours to prepare the first time (after instruction) and an hour to an hour and a half to read, review and comply after that. What a service! I just ordered it, and practically simultaneously, it was done. And when I couldn't understand it, your wonderful staff was there to help. You have helped an old dog learn a new trick!


Marvin Evan Schiff, Esq.
Marvin Evan Schiff, P.C.

"Prior to utilizing ACRISasap, it would take between 15-30 minutes to create ACRIS E-Tax Forms on the NYC ACRIS website if the site was up and operational. I have found ACRISasap to be indispensable to my practice as an efficient, practical and quasi-immediate response to my real estate closings. The response time for changes is invaluable as closing figures or information may change during the closing. The ability to input the changes to pre-existing forms and have it emailed back within a minute or two has been a life-saver in a number of closings.

It is a great step forward to save attorneys time and money."

Peter Weiner, Esq.
Law Office of Peter Weiner

"It used to take my secretary an inordinate amount of time to create ACRIS E-tax forms. TitleVest has truly revolutionized the process and made the lives of countless lawyers easier. Its about time someone has the vision to apply existing technologies to facilitate the real estate closing process."

Devang C. Shah Esq.
Law Office of Devang C. Shah, P.C.

"Prior to using ACRISasap it took me approximately 25 minutes or more to create a standard closing set of tax forms (a closing with special conditions took longer). Going through every tab, double checking responses, perhaps changing a response and navigating the ACRIS system is confusing and time consuming. I am extremely computer proficient but I have yet to master the directions or explanations offered on any official New York City web site. Official ACRIS instructions are often inscrutable and inexplicable. Calling the ACRIS desk for help is a pot luck affair. If someone answers you are in luck. If you email them or they must reply to your inquiry your closing could be over before you hear back from them. (It has taken more than 2 weeks to receive an email reply from the ACRIS help desk. Preparing a set of documents on ACRISasap takes one minute plus the time to fill out the simple one page form (2 minutes or 3 minutes).

ACRISasap is a game changer. It allows me to retain complete control over the forms and the content submitted to NYC/NYS. There is no need to rely on a third party if changes need to made at or after a closing. ACRIS ASAP works for me on my schedule and at my convenience. Even the computer incompetent can successfully navigate this system. If you can fill out a form you can use ACRISasap. This is the number one tool in my Real Estate time saving kit. Thank-you for ACRISasap."

Rosemary Proto, Esq.
Law Office of Rosemary Proto

"Using ACRIS could take several hours as I did not find it user friendly. Your ACRISasap is terrific as it is fast, user friendly, and a pleasure to use."

Marvin Lerman, Esq.
Law Office of Marvin S. Lerman

"I did not try to use NYC ACRIS web site before I used ACRISasap.

My particular situation was a bit different, since it was not a property sale, but rather an addition of some family members to the stock certificate of a coop apartment. I had to call TitleVest to help me with filling it in. Overall, the service was provided very fast and very competently, so I had tax papers filled out in several minutes."

Aleksandr Bukharovich
Aleksandr Bukharovich

"I Love ACRISasap! It used to take several hours and numerous web-site communication problems. ACRISasap is a fantastic tool and has made my office more productive. Thanks Again, This is Genius!"

Susan Duncan
Duncan Realty & Escrow

"Me and my office has set up an account to TitleVest for years, since I was associated with others. To be honest, you have a lovely user-friendly tech in support our daily needs.

I use your service whenever buyer ordered lien search from TitleVest. Since I've no idea you charge for transfer doc preparation separately, we create our ACRIS directly by spending half-an-hour, while your system takes around 5 minutes.

Again, fantastic program!"

Jun Wang, Esq.
Jun Wang & Associates, P.C.

"Normally when I go directly to ACRIS to submit the forms the time takes from 30 to 45 minutes and if given to a non-legal requires more time. If there is an error on the information this would cause additional down time.

TitleVest ACRIS Tax forms and the nitrification for complete of the cover page reduces not only the time but the issues involved with going directly to ACRIS.

It makes it easier for a non-legal or novice to complete the forms and is an invaluable aid to my practice time-wise and system-wise."

Joel Levy, Esq.
Law Office of Joel Levy

"My first experience with the NYC ACRIS website was a nightmare. It was difficult to navigate, required multiple insertions of the same information and took over an hour to complete. Future uses of the NYC ACRIS website led to a reduction in the amount of time it took to complete, down to approximately 25-30 minutes. ACRISasap was exceptional from the first time I used it. A simple, clear interface which requires that each piece of necessary information be entered only once, the ability to save your forms and cover sheets to a computer file, outstanding customer support from TitleVest and the ability to complete the entire process in less than 10 minutes makes ACRISasap an exceptional service for real estate attorneys. Finally, the post closing e-mail confirmation that the ACRIS documents have been filed is priceless.


Andrew Loeb, Esq.
Andrew Loeb, P.C.

""Before ACRISasap, it took over 30 minutes to complete the ACRIS forms on New York City's website. NYC's site is confusing and overly complicated. TitleVest's site is easy and user friendly. Now it takes half that time and, unlike NYC's website, TitleVest's ACRISasap is fast, effective and easy to use. Thank you TitleVest!!!!"

Mark A. Hakim, Esq.
Law Office of Mark Hakim

"Congratulations on the patent. NYC ACRIS typically took me about 30 minutes each time, and printing often was a problem. ACRISasap has cut that time down to about 5 minutes. Printing and retrieving documents is now foolproof. In addition, making any changes to a transaction was painful on the citys site, requiring you to revisit even pages where nothing changed. Revisions with ACRISasap are quick and painless. It really is a far cleaner, easier, more logical and superior interface to the citys system.

Thanks for making it available."

Roger Levy
Townhouse Real Estate, Inc.

"Forms submitted on the NYC ACRIS were often bounced back for a minor reason or for no reason at all (resubmitted docs with no changes were accepted the second time around).

ACRISasap has been incredibly helpful, is easy to use and intuitive. It reduced the time it takes me to prepare ACRIS documents and made preparing for closings much easier."

Debra Powell, Esq.
Law Office of Debra Powell

"Prior to my using ACRISasap I would prepare my ACRIS forms on the ACRIS website. What a nightmare. for coop transactions - it would take from 15-20 minutes for the preparation, and if you missed a line, or had to go back to a previous page, very often you had to begin again. For one family or multiple dwelling transactions, the time to prepare ACRIS documents on the official site could be half an hour or more, with the same moving from page to page and hoping that when you press the "next page" button you weren't routed back to the beginning.

When ACRISasap came along, the process was simplified. It now takes no more than 10 minutes for any transaction. It saves me time, and therefore it saves my client money."

Roy A. Satine, Esq.
Law Office of Roy A. Satine

"Prior to using ACRISasaps trade technology, it would take the secretaries practically a day to complete the ACRIS forms. Now they can do it in an hour.

Thank you for your innovation."

John A. Sotirakis, Esq.
Coritsidis, Sotirakis & Saketos PLLC

"I have been a loyal customer of TitleVest, ordering lien searches for coop closings and using your ACRISasap technology since the day it was introduced to this world. The program is amazing as it allows you to create transfer tax forms within just few minutes. The program is very easy to use, especially for an arm-length, straight-forward transactions, which most of our deals are.

Doing the same forms through ACRIS requires 10 times more time. Most of the times, however, it will take not only more time but also additional computers. The glitches of ACRIS would make me change three computers in my office to finish the forms.

I thank TitleVest for this wonderful software. It saves time, takes off the pressure and helps closing attorneys in their day-to-day busy schedule.

I remain, yours truly."

Igor Dodin, Esq.
Dodin & Fishkin, PLLC

"I tried using ACRIS with significant frustration. With TitleVest's ACRIS ASAP, it takes five minutes to complete something that a title company will charge $150 to complete."

Joseph McConnon, Esq.
The Law Office of Joseph McConnon & Associates, P.C.

"When we (Dickler & Roth, LLP) did not use ACRISasap, the amount of time that it would take to complete ACRIS forms would range from 15 minutes to hours. When we would prepare ACRIS on our own, typically problems would arise. The problems which could not be cured after 20 - 30 minutes of "on line" frustration, often required phone calls to the New York City Register, waiting for a supervisor and hoping that the problem could be solved quickly. With ACRISasap this is no longer the case. I have required that my paralegals prepare all of our ACRIS forms on your ACRISasap web site. With ACRISasap there is tremendous savings of time and energy. ACRISasap's interface is easy and intuitive, so there rarely is a problem and if one should arise you fix it. Sometimes we are given the wrong information from the buyer's attorneys (e.g., incorrect buyer's social security number), a quick call to TitleVest and revised forms appear almost instantaneously. For preparation of ACRIS documents I always (and only) recommend TitleVest."

Richard Dickler, Esq.
Dickler & Roth, LLP

"Prior to using ACRISasap, it would take me at least 1 hour to do ACRIS docs. Inevitably there would be some error that I could not figure out. Even worse, if I had printed the documents and had to correct them later, it would be a nightmare in trying to get access again. With TitleVest, the process is great and well worth the fee. It is fast and efficient. I know that even if I order ACRIS at the last minute, the documents will get turned around, literally in minutes. Thanks for providing such a great service! Good luck."

Rosa Cascardo, Esq.
Law Office of Rosa Prestia Cascardo

"The NYC ACRIS system used to take 25-30 minutes to prepare transfer tax returns. With ACRISasap, it is less than 5 minutes.

ACRISasap makes the clunky and maddeningly slow NYC system easily manageable and usable, especially if the information is imported from the forms on the TitleVest site."

Lewis Siegel, Esq.
Law Office of Lewis W. Siegel

"Before ACRISasap, the documents could take hours to produce. This is not an exaggeration. The constant error messages made the process mind numbing.

ACRISasap has turned a "project" in producing ACRIS documents into a routine procedure taking mere minutes. This is the most useful tool for real estate practitioners.

Congratulations on your patent; it is well deserved."

Roger Pierro, Jr.
Law Office of Roger Pierro, Jr.

"It used to take approximately 45 minutes to an hour and now it takes less than less than 10 minutes. ACRISasap is a time-saving tool that enhancing my ability to effectively represent my clients in the most efficient manner possible. ACRISasap is yet another example which proves TitleVest is on the cutting edge."

Richard Abend
Abend & Silber, PLLC

"Prior to ACRISasap, it would take me at least a half an hour to create ACRIS forms. Moreover, I needed to create them myself since it was very difficult to train my office staff on the ACRIS system. With ACRISasap I can easily create my forms in five minutes. The system is so user friendly and intuitive that a non-attorney can easily create ACRIS documents in a matter of minutes. The ability to easily "dump" the inputted information into forms such as deeds and affidavits is the cherry on top of an already flawless program.


David A. Linn Esq.
Law Office of David A. Linn

"I use ACRISasap for all my real estate sales. The time to prepare has been cut in half to about 10 minutes a transaction. In addition, TitleVest provides extraordinary support in ACRIS preparation. On occasions I have had questions concerning estates and multiple parties, and I have always received expert guidance."

Peter Matsoukas, Esq.
Matsoukas & Matsoukas

"ACRISasap has greatly improved our office productivity. When we used ACRIS directly it was difficult and time consuming to make any corrections. Your interface stops us from submitting incomplete information. We have estimated that it took 25 minutes or more to complete the ACRIS forms, with ACRISasap it takes less than 5 minutes. We would never try to complete a set of ACRIS forms without ACRISasap.

Thank you for the great service you are providing."

William T. Hentrich, Esq.
Law Office of William T. Hentrich

"Not only it took more than an hour to do the NYC ACRIS forms but I had lot problems in going through the lengthy process.

I am delighted with ACRISasap. It is truly an asap, simple and user-friendly."

Rashmin Mehta, Esq.
Law Office of Rashmin Mehta

"I only tried once to use ACRIS before ACRISasap with TitleVest. It took so long that I finally gave up and called TitleVest for help. ACRISasap is a godsend. It is quick and easy and gives me one less headache to worry about in my business. I would never do ACRIS any other way."

Maxine Young, Esq.
Law Office of Maxine S. Young

"It used to take me hours to create the forms on NYC ACRIS. With TitleVest's ACRISasap, I save time, and my clients save money!"

Robin Suttenberg, Esq.
Law Office of Robin J. Suttenberg

"I've been using ACRISasap almost since its inception. Generating the docs on the City's web site took (typically) 30 - 35 minutes, mostly owing to the need to enter the same information multiple times. ACRISASAP takes about 10 minutes.

The best testimonial - I recently had a call from a colleague asking how I generated my ACRIS docs. I didn't hesitate and in fact, my immediate response was one word - TitleVest."

Griffith G. Denoyelles, Jr. Esq.
Chernofsky & Denoyelles, Attorneys at Law

"As a former AT&T and Lucent Technology business operations analyst who, after retirement, joined the ranks of real estate professionals and who now also enjoys a part-time paralegal position in the Trusts & Estates residential real estate practice of a major law firm, I appreciate your implementation of ACRISasap for the efficiency, convenience, accuracy and economy it provides for me, and consequently for our clients. From the "Office of the Future" motives of the 1980's to the present day swell of elegant and amorphous applications integration, this most simple improvement deserves endless "kudos". As soon as I was aware of it, I used it, and spread the word. It is now a "go-to" resource for our real estate transactions. My experience and glowing praise are the direct result of the customer service I encountered from the beginning...from the initial offer of tutoring sessions to the hands-on pro-active support from Holly in NYC. I'm happy to offer my comments."

Deirdre Rogan
Real Estate Paralegal
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

"The gates of heaven are open for the creators of the ACRISasap!!!!

When ACRIS first came out it was a nightmare, although for all intense and purposes ACRIS was also an excellent idea. Writing out the forms or even typing the forms left a lot of room for error but the task itself didnt take very long. When it became mandatory the task that took 10 or 15 min max on simple transactions started to take 30 to 60 minutes purely because few people where accustomed to answering all the questions and pretty much passed the buck to title companies.

My discovery of the TitleVest s ACRISasap has been a tremendous help to myself and my co-workers. They took a nightmare task and made it a breeze. Not only did they make the task effortless, but the support staff at the company have been phenomenal."

Fay Riggi, Paralegal
Derose & Surico

"Before using ACRISasap, it would take anywhere from 15 to 30 tedious minutes to finish. Now, I can start at 11:55 PM and be finished before midnight. Even better, I can "gross up" without having to do any calculations and know that my numbers are going to be 100% correct."

Sunil Kumar Agarwal, Esq.
Sunil K. Agarwal, PC

"I can remember the frustration and time wasted accessing ACRIS directly, an experience that I have not revisited since learning of ACRISasap. What took 30 to 40 minutes (sometimes more) before takes 10 minutes now. However, saving time is not the only advantage to using ACRISasap. Even more important is the absolute ease with which the process is completed.... answer a few simple questions, a few clicks, and done. All requisite forms and cover pages completed and printing in a matter of minutes. I wouldn't think of preparing ACRIS forms any other way."

Michael Brooks
Law Office of Michael Brooks

"I think the service was great. It used to take me over an hour to do the ACRIS forms, and that was on a good day. I also would frequently have problems with printing when it was done. Your service was great!"

Sean Fitzsimmons
Thomas Parkes, Jr., P.C.

"Before using TitleVests ACRISasap program, it would take me at least 25 minutes to prepare ACRIS documents on the NYC DOF website.

TitleVest's ACRISasap application, like the rest of its website, is extremely user friendly and efficient. The coordination of the ACRISasap program with the legal forms that I complete using TitleVest's form library, makes the creation of transfer tax returns, deeds and other transfer documents a five-minute process. In a volume driven business such as mine, accuracy and efficiency is key to my success. Once again, TitleVest has provided me with a tool that allows me to streamline my day and my practice.

Thanks TitleVest!"

Peter Graubard, Esq.
Graubard & Nihamin, P.C.

"I am extremely pleased with your ACRIS technology. Before you designed these forms, it literally took me hours to complete the forms. I am a complete mess when it comes to computers, and I simply couldn't get it right. Your method is invaluable it saves tons of time and it works fine. What else is there to say. Thanks for a great product."

Michael J. Halberstam, Esq.
Laufer & Halberstam

"I cannot tell you how long it took me to complete a set of forms before ACRISasap because I never completed a set of forms. I would try and always end up having to order the documents from the purchaser's title company.

I like to save my clients fees if I can and TitleVest's ACRISasap allows me to do that, especially on coop transactions."

Patricia J. Marsh, Esq.
Marsh and Gaffner, P.C.

"What used to take me 30 minutes on NYCs ACRIS website now takes me 3 with ACRISasap. The simplicity of the ACRISasap process is typical of the everything that TitleVest does: simple, fast and done correct the first time."

Michael Bogart, Esq.
Law Offices of Michael Bogart

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